Libby's School of Self Defense


Let's observe

as Libby

teaches a class.

"Your best defense is offense," she explains to her students.

"First, whisper in his ear exactly what's going to happen if he continues to harass you."

"If he persists, a warning bite to the chin is perfectly in order.


Note the E.N.T.,

Extended Neck Technique, allowing me to keep a good distance from his grasping paws."

"If you have a gentleman who won't take no for an answer, some in-close work is called for.

For the Neck Bite method, get a good grip with one paw, while bracing with the other.

Keeping eyes slitted will protect them from the inadvertent scratch, and still allow you to watch for the possible friend coming to his rescue."

Is he after you yet again? Then stronger measures are called for. Don't let his big innocent blue eyes fool you.

Wait till he's not watching you, then attack from behind with the two-paw spine-bite method.

Brace hard with your hind legs and use the tail as a counter balance for this postion, then hug tight with both front paws.

Note the state-of-the-art
solid wood exercise and
climbing equipment available.

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Unfortunately, due to the pressing demands of her adventurous lifestyle, Libby herself is no longer teaching classes.