Libby's Spay Adventure
One morning, Libby woke up all hot and bothered. When she tried to tell me about it, instead of her usual voice, she had a long, loud yowwwl. That yowling sounded and felt so good, she said it again, louder... and again... I knew she was ready for the next big adventure in her young life.

I found a SUPER vet... with only a one day waiting period, Libby went in for her surgery. I was able to go pick her up later that evening. I'd set up a sickroom for her, with a nice bed to sleep on, her favorite food, and even a private litterbox. So, I carried her in, loved on her a little bit, then was going to shut the door and leave her alone to rest... when I opened the bedroom door, she was out of the sickroom before I was.

Just 3 stitches.

Libby 'resting' after her surgery.
Getting those three itchy stitches OUT. Note the death grip on the corner of the counter. If his hold loosens the least little bit, she's ready to fly.
Oops, she lost her hold on the corner. Two more stitches, one more picture to go. Poor Libby. What a pitiful little face!