Confetti Chan was with me for almost 17 years.

He was born on Jan. 1, New Year's Day.

MamaCat found the perfect place to have Confetti and his siblings; a big box of swept up confetti from the night before.

Confetti was always thrilled to have his birthday on New Year's Day. He was such a party animal.

He never really liked to be picked up and held, but he was a velcro kitty to the max.

Confetti always sat as close to me as he could get, on the couch... at my feet, behind me in the computer chair. He was my ever-loyal escort to the bathroom, every single time I went.

His favorite perch there was the counter, at the very corner, as close to me as he could get.

He insisted on supervising everything I did on the computer, and got especially intent whenever I'd play Zeke's meezer voice from the Siamese Internet Cat Club.
From the day I got Libby from the shelter, she was Confetti's kitten.
He'd let her tackle him, roll him to the floor, and sit on him... all with this 'I'm in love' expression on his face. Even as she grew, and became a solid ten-pound adolescent, he still didn't mind.

In November of 2003, I noticed that Confetti was getting thinner. A visit to the vet found a lump under his jaw and an ulcer in his mouth. A biopsy showed it to be an adenocarcinoma, tumor of the salivary gland. Over the next week, he ate almost nothing, despite being tempted with chicken baby food, his favorite treats, and KFC. I could tell he hurt and wasn't happy.

Confetti Chan was sent peacefully to sleep on November 14, 2003.

I hope he joins my other Bridge kitty, Erin, somewhere sunny and warm for long catnaps on soft pillows.

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