To Kitten Pictures!

Meet Taku, the newest member of my household.

He's a brave and independent little guy, who knows no fear. I've decided to name him Taku, prounounced Tai-coo, which means 'Thank You' in Inuktuit. (Native Alaskan.) He came to us the weekend before Thanksgiving, from Dorinda, who runs a shelter in Paragould, Arkansas .

The first thing he needed, insisted Libby, was a lesson in how to treat his elders, and a reminder about just WHOSE house this was, anyway. A few hisses, long low growls, and well deserved pops (with claws in) on the top of the head later, he'd learned who the top cat was.

She looks more menacing here than she really is - there was never a real fight, and certainly never any blood drawn or bites. Dominance was decided mostly with a lot of show and noise.

Libby shares first her toys, then her food bowl with Taku.

Awww, come on, Mom, please don't make me go to bed.

I'm not tired, rea...(yaaaawn)...lly I'm not. Lemme tell you what I did today!

First I climbed waaaay up to the top of a tall tree. And I could see out the window from there!Then I killed 6 sparkleballs... and that was a tuff fight!

Next, after a snack and wash and trip to the 'box' I had a battle with the 'fur that twitches on the end of a rope' and I showed it a thing or two!

Then I ...zzzzz.... had another snack and some water and ....ZZZZZZ

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