To Kitten Pictures 3!

I've tried and tried to get a good picture of Libby and Taku posing together. Yesterday, I finally finished the top of a quilted wall hanging I'm making. What a nice backdrop that will make, I thought.

Libby's willing to sit and pose for a minute or two in front of it, so I plopped her down... plopped Taku down, grabbed the camera (previously focused and ready to go) but now where's Taku?

I decided a little one on one work was needed.

What do you mean, sit and stay? I want to be over there with YOU!
You keep picking me up and sitting me next to this green thing and then that bright light goes off. I don't like this game very much. It's time to play something ELSE.
Ah, yes. Attack the swinging string is a MUCH better game to play.

Holding the string in front of the camera gets an especially intent look from Taku.

For anyone interested in quilting, here's Libby looking at the whole wall hanging, .

The block design is 'Storm at Sea'. I made four 20 inch blocks and put them together. I'll probably add another border of the dark green around the edge.

After I put on a batting and backing, and quilt it, I plan to make a stretcher frame from pvc pipe, and hang it on the diagonal in my spa room. The dark green and aqua were picked to match the colors of the pool liner.

I had a lot of fun designing this - choosing a block that would do something visually exciting in the middle when 4 of them were combined, drawing up the blank you see on the right, coloring different patterns of the blank to decide where the lights and darks could go, picking one, then translating it to fabric.

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