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Taku is going to get a new name... it's not like he answers to Taku anyway.

One of the kids at work was calling him Toby (she remembered that it was 4 letters, started with a T, and had two syllables.) And somehow, Toby just seems to fit his nutcase personality.

I was trying to get him to look at the camera, but he was more interested in washing and sleeping. I was making all kinds of weird noises to get him to look up, and whatever I said here must have been quite an eye opener!

So, meet Toby!

My latest quilt, in three shades of denim with peach and green fleece on the back. This will be a Snuggle on the Couch kind of throw, or picnic blanket.

It's very washable, heavy and warm because of the denim, and super soft.

There's no batting in this one. You sandwich a square of old bluejean with your backing (flannel or fleece recommended) wrong sides together... then sew those two squares to the next two squares, all 4 raw edges coming out at the top seam. Clip seams so it will fray faster.

I'm using big half inch seams, and a simple pattern, as the denim is tough to cut and thick to sew.

Here's a small view of the back of the quilt, with my assistant checking out the side seam for quality control.

Currently this is at the 4 x 4 size, 16 blocks total. I plan to put another 9 blocks on, at least, making it 5 x 5, or 25 blocks total, then possibly a border all the way around, to add another 4 inches on all sides.

These are 9 inch blocks, not 12 inch, because I wanted to use scraps from old jeans.

I haven't forgotten Libby. She'll be 3 in a few months!

Here's Libby looking serious in profile, intent on the birds outside the window.

I couldn't get her to look straight at the camera. I think she's getting wise in the ways of the flash.

I ought to put this one in a caption contest.


She was just in the middle of a very deliberate bath, but that expression says more!

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