Scratching Post

I started this scratching post when I first got Erin, 20 years ago. At first, it was just the brown carpet platform on top of a 3 foot length of landscape timber, with the bottom stuffed inside a heavy concrete block. I had the block hidden inside a cardboard box, and covered it with carpet to match the top. I used U shaped nails to attach the sisal rope, hammering them into the timber. They hold VERY well, to change out the sisal, you have to use a screwdriver as a chisel and pry them out by hammering the handle.

While Erin was a little, the block-inside-a-box was sturdy enough. As she grew, and became ten pounds of meezer hitting it at a flying leap, I had to stabilize it.

I wanted to keep the first post, but make the base bigger and add another level. I took plywood and made a box, with an L shaped bit to cover the concrete block. I used 2x4's in the inside corners, and long wood screws, just went straight thru the plywood into the 2x4.

The second post is diagonal to the first, and it's INSIDE the box shape, attached with more long wood screws.. When I put a lid on the box, (the green upholstered cushion) I had to cut out a hole for that timber. I used a jigsaw to cut windows and doors before I covered it with carpet (there's a couple of exits you can't see.)

Taku loves hiding in this hole and jumping out at Libby, and Libby loves to hide in there and be attacked too. He's almost doing the splits here, trying to get at her without being 'gotten.'

I used a big angle iron to attach the flat board to the landscaping timber. The green carpet covered platform has three smaller angle irons to attach it, as does the top level.

This one seems to be a favorite level, with good window views and excellent pouncing possibilities.

Mine seem to prefer the sisal, in fact they've managed to claw through the one just above Libby's back, and that was the half-inch thick rope.

I added the third timber and snuggle box when I got Confetti. Again, there's no precision to the construction, I mainly wanted it to be solid. To attach this timber, I drilled three holes all the way through the box and timber, then used three heavy bolts and washers. It doesn't budge.

The platform Libby is on was attached to the new timber with yet another angle iron. Probably overkill, but they like to scratch something that doesn't shift when they really dig into it.

Everything ended up being about 6 1/2 feet tall, which in MY opinion, is a bit high for playing 'Catch Libby's Tail' and 'Watch Me, I'm a Tightrope Walker.'

Half of the top (under Libby's feet) is open, as is the front side of the box, where you can see the cushion poking out above.

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