The above pic is 1024 x 768 pixels... a good size for wallpaper. I airbrushed the dark blue flower fabric over the background clutter (and the people who held the quilt top up for me, who didn't want to be in the picture!)

The border really ends at the end of the blue inset bits.

Below is the Electric Quilt version of this sampler. I changed the border, adding the medium blue inset sections because I ran out of the darker blue.... :)

ONE more border to go - it'll be the same blue as the 'mountain' shape in the zig zag. Again, I don't have enough fabric to make a long border with no seam, so I'll insert some little pinwheel type bits.

My binding will be the medium blue again.

You can scan in your own fabrics with this software, but I didn't, this time. I did try to draw copies of the same sampler blocks, even though the placement isn't identical. EQ really made it easy to try different colorations of the blocks, to lay out the zig zags in the border, and to get the zig zags to match at the corners!